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Indonesian vitamin-rich hair oil

Intensive care at home, in 30 seconds
  • - Argan
  • - Macadamia
  • - Avocado
Makes hair:
  • - Manageable
  • - Soft
  • - Smooth
  • - Shiny
Rich in
  • А, С, Е, proVit B5
  • - Nourishes
  • - Strengthens
  • - Protects

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  • Powerfully nourishes all types of hair

  • The effect is noticeable immediately, after the first application

  • Completely absorbed does not leave a "fat" effect

  • Hair is easy to comb

  • Helps to eliminate the problem of split ends

  • Especially recommended for weakened and damaged by staining, highlighting, thermal exposure to hair

  • Makes the hair smooth, soft, shiny and docile

Oils and vitamins:

- Avocado oil

Avocado oil is an effective moisturizer for dry, brittle, and damaged hair. It contains vitamins A, B, C, D, E, proteins, amino acids, iron, copper, magnesium and folic acid, as well as all nutrients required to restore hair structure.

- Argan oil

Intensely nourishes and moisturizes, helps preserve the smoothness and shape of hair, restores hair structure, makes your hair strong, shiny and silky, protects against harmful UV rays, restores the beauty and health of hair. Contains vitamins A, E, Omega-6-9 and other useful elements.

- Macadamia oil

Has a very powerful healing and restoring effect on the structure of the hair. First of all, it is recommended for the care and revitalization of dry, dehydrated and damaged hair as a result of repeated staining or various chemical procedures. Macadamia nut oil well promotes healing and strengthening of dull and weakened hair, gives them a natural sheen, strength, beautiful, sparkling and energetic appearance. The composition of macadamia oil contains a large number of vitamins A, E, and also B, in addition to potassium, selenium, zinc and copper.


Provitamin B5 deeply moisturizes hair and normalizes water-lipid metabolism. It retains moisture, which is important for dry and damaged strands. Active effect of the vitamin manifests itself almost immediately—the hair becomes soft and elastic quickly.

How to use the brand name HAIR VITAMIN?

  • Apply to wet
    hair after each

  • Cut off the tail of the capsule
    and squeeze the contents
    out on your palm. Spread
    on the palms.

  • Apply evenly the product
    over the entire length
    of hair except roots.

  • Do not rinse off!
    Style or dry hair
    as usual.

Buy Bali Secret HAIR VITAMIN

buy for 29.95$ on Amazon

Buy Bali Secret HAIR VITAMIN

buy for 29.95$ on Amazon